Industrial and civil monolithic floor coatings
SIPI Nord Srl
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solitec is the Group's engineering company specifically set up to design plate modules for monolithic flooring. It has the capabilities to carry out complete industrial design.
The aim is to provide certification to ensure the guarantee offered to the client on the corresponding performance flooring.

This includes:

  1. Design of the flooring

    This is based on our specialist form completed by the client on their needs and activities. The verification of the supporting substrate, the thickness and reinforcement of the concrete slab, the size of the plate, the type of joints and surface layer selected.

  2. Process Quality Control

    1. Adoption of a procedural system for our own operating models.
      The aim is to identify the preparatory, additional and operating activity required for the implementation of the order:
      Description for PERT (Programme Evaluation Review Technique) or CPM (Critical Path Method) programme blocks for the operational phases for additional preparation and works.

    2. Report detailing the program of work activities with identification of overlapping and any interference in order to prevent incidents of operational crises.

    3. Adoption of a procedural system of control over the assets and operations of the preparatory work to be procured through pre-defined forms.
      • Schedule for on site operation inspections in order to identify all the parameters and detect difficult situations, including interference and others and introduce and adopt corrective parameters.
      • Detailed schedule cataloguing the use of materials and products used in both amount and yield.
      • Collecting and cataloguing according to the OSP devices and schedules of the products used.
      • Keeping a works diary indicating date, meteorological and climate conditions, and site hours.
      • Description and amount of work which has been contracted out, identify any requests to continue the work and notes specific to processing.
      • Logging controls on materials on the construction site.
      • Logging work performed in blocks of work related to the contract.

    4. Compiling OSP (Operational Safety Plan) and eventual ISP (Integrated Safety Plan) in order to fulfil the legal requirements surrounding safety on construction sites.

    5. Continual presence of a qualified Site Manager in accordance with FIDIC.

  3. Other Activities

    Within the remit of activities carried out by professionals as part of our staff, we provide the following functions:
      • Advice on the choice of flooring
      • Industrial design
      • Special joints
      • Patents for the sector
      • Research into materials, components and equipment
      • Re-surfacing of existing flooring
      • Project supervision
      • Technical expertise
      • Conferences

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