Industrial and civil monolithic floor coatings
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Performance flooring

Performance flooring

Performance flooring

Performance flooring

Performance flooring

Performance flooring is the result of a "work group" created from experience and compliance with the regulations and construction techniques.

This is the foundation for the success of the FLOORING SYSTEM designed by SOLITEC part of Performance Flooring.

A monolithic flooring is envisaged for two types of design:

1) A flooring project for a newly built factory.

2) A project for the restoration of an existing factory floor.

Why use us?

There are five good reasons to use us.

  1. Our experience allows us to design the type of Performance Flooring that will be defect free and last for at least ten years.
  2. The materials used in making Performance Flooring are of the highest quality for use and well within their limit of serviceability. We adhere to all relevant industry regulations.
  3. The installation phases are monitored on site, documented and certified.
  4. A Guarantee of Use is provided.
  5. As a client, you will be given a user manual explaining the maintenance .

The list of the main sectors, below, will help identify requirements for Performance flooring in each of them through detailed data sheets provided.

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